Starting a business in a competitive society like Nigeria is not easy because you are going to face a lot, but this article will help you in stepwise procedure for starting and running a laundry business 1. Find a good location A good location is very important to your laundry business. Where your business is located can help it tremendously. It is advisable to find a location with less competition. If you can find a place where there is no much competition of big players, it will be good. However, it should not be a write off as you can win over customers with your good service. Consider locations in open places. Places that are close to the road where people can see and notice your business when passing. That means the place should be a busy place where people coming from work or going pass through. It should be in residential areas, that is places where people are living. An estate is a good place but it should be at a place where people pass through a lot. Also note t

THE FATE OF HOSA 2012 written by ABASIOKPON DOMINIC EFFIONG Presented on Sunday 8th November 2020

The distinguish president, members of the executive committee, emeritus presidents and my fellow members of HOSA 2012. It is with great joy that I write to you today on this medium, after a careful analysis and comparison of the past and present. I hereby implore you to know that HOSA 2012 is growing. I am happy today because I now see myself in the association that open her monthly meeting before 4:30pm and close before 5:45pm same day, compare to when meeting started by 6:30pm and mobile phone light was used and the meeting ends by past eight in the night. I am happy because members of the association sat at the refreshment table and two hands never meet each other in the tray, because maturity was instituted among us. I am happy today because the only association that I cherish so much is now an embodiment of handsome men and beautiful women. I am happy because looking into the chat box of the group both online and offline the sense of growth is demonstrated. I am happy to note that